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Our 2020 Season for Zema’s Nursery Christmas Trees & Wreaths has changed due to COVID-19

Starts Friday 9am, Nov. 27 (day after Thanksgiving)
Ends Saturday 4pm, Dec. 19

OPEN full-time 6 days a week ~ See HOURS ~
Closed Tuesdays

Pre-Cut Trees “Grab & Go”
Other Items “Grab & Go”
Choose & Cut By Reservation

2020 Christmas Tree Season COVID-19 Preparedness Plan 

Lengthy but please read all for Important 2020 Changes

The Zema’s Nursery Christmas tree season has changes in place to provide a safe and healthy shopping experience for our customers, and a safe and appropriate workplace for our staff during this pandemic. Our operating process has been reworked for all with the goal of mitigating potential transmission of COVID 19, and having a safe environment.   

We are working to follow safety precaution guidelines from the Governor, health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), the NYS Agriculture Department, the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York, and other advisement resources pertinent to our industry. Note all policies and plans are subject to change at any time as needed and new information is made available. Per the CDC, people of any age especially those with any underlying medical conditions may be at risk for severe illness from Coronavirus; so always evaluate your own risk. Even people showing no symptoms can spread Coronavirus if infected.  Any interaction with the public can pose an elevated risk of exposure.  We must all do our best to help protect one another.  

IMPORTANT COVID-19 Preparedness Details

Read carefully for new processes in place and precautions required per guidelines

  • Large selection “Grab & Go” Pre-cut trees All pre-tagged, pre-drilled, ready to go with minimal handling
  • Open 6 days a week to help facilitate social distancing
  • Choose & Cut field only open by reservation & with specific limitations for safety mandates and to control guest flow. Restrictions apply see details
  • No wagon rides to maintain 6’ social distancing
  • Customers must tie and secure trees to their vehicles themselves to transport trees as per our insurance regulations and Corona virus precautions we regretfully cannot tie your trees to your vehicle. Twine will be provided and containers are sanitized between customers.
  • No pets are permitted to accompany you per NYS COVID-19 safety precaution guidelines
  • Curbside pickups available for Pre-Cut trees, Wreaths, & Gift Certificates  – Phone us at 518.733-5868 during business hours to order, pre-pay & schedule pickup. 
  • Reduced retail footprint – no entry to shop; plus no cocoa, no warm-up area, no porta-potty all to facilitate distancing
  • Hand Sanitizers available at key spots
  • Social Distancing required by all 
  • Masks required to be worn by everyone on premises 
  • Distanced parking spaces marked, per protocols for reduced historical volume
  • Altered one way paths marked to assist with distancing
  • Credit Cards only to minimize contact


If you feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms or were recently exposed to others with COVID-19, or traveled anywhere under current travel advisories and should be quarantining, follow those guidelines: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory and do not visit at this time. 

  • We recommend our Pre-cut “Grab & Go” premium trees for less handling required
  • No wagon rides available and current field visits to cut your tree are restricted to reservations  only– so book ahead.  See conditions below. Phone us at 518.733-5868 during business hours to make a reservation. 
  • No dogs allowed for 2020 as current COVID-19 safety precaution guidelines do not permit dogs or other pets to accompany you.
  • Know your plan to secure and transport your tree home.  Bring a truck if possible, (or a friend with one); as we are not able to assist with this.  Also view helpful videos on-line done by others, with many tips on properly tying a Christmas tree to your vehicle, i.e. Youtube.
  • NOTE:  We are open 6 days a week as visiting during off-peak times may assist with social distancing.
  • Be sure to read all Preparedness Details above
Fresh, pre-cut trees

Season starts
9AM Friday, Nov 27
& Ends at 4PM Saturday, Dec 19

Open 6 days a week
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9A – 5P
Saturday & Sunday 9A – 4P
Closed Tuesdays

Our Offerings

O Christmas Tree Quote
Black and White Clipart of Moon over a Farm

Season starts
9AM Friday, Nov 27
& Ends at 4PM Saturday, Dec 19

Open 6 days a week
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9A – 5P
Saturday & Sunday 9A – 4P
Closed Tuesdays

Enjoy the classic holiday tradition of putting up a fresh tree!
Nothing beats the crisp color, refreshing pine smell, and handsome good looks of traditional well-groomed, fresh cut Christmas trees.

Super Selection of “Grab & Go” Pre-Cut Trees

More convenience & choices than ever before.
The simplest option for less handling.
Beautiful premium, fresh & fragrant Fraser Firs and Canaan trees already cut, pre-priced and already pre-drilled for Stand Strait® tree stands.

You can also phone 518.733-5868 during business hours to order, pre-pay & schedule pickup, and we can pre-select one for you.  Make your pickups even easier still if you can do them with a truck! Twine will be provided and containers sanitized between customers.  You will need to tie/secure your tree to your vehicle.  Per COVID-19 safety guidelines, we cannot do so. The internet has many helpful tying tips.

Stand Strait® Tree Stands sold here

For Choose & Cut Field
Reservations Required

Sorry NO Wagon Rides This Year
Weekdays Open too for Off-Peak Times

To contend with challenging COVID-19 safety precautions, prior field routines are not possible.  We miss it too but must work with current guidelines.
Now you choose, cut, and carry your tree yourself without assistance from us, down the hill and to our sales area for measuring and payment; then you must secure it to your vehicle ‘as is’ yourself. So NO additional handling including drilling, trimming, or netting is provided by us per distancing protocols. Helpful hand carts, hand saws,* and twine available for your use and sanitized between customers.
*–To minimize contact, you may bring your own hand saw but no chain saw or other power equipment allowed.

NOTE: We can only net trees we and our staff have harvested.  SO IF YOU WILL WANT YOUR TREE DRILLED – YOU WILL HAVE TO PLAN & TELL US AHEAD AS WE WILL HAVE TO CUT IT. Tell us when scheduling as this may mean a reservation for you to come select, tag and pre-pay; and another date for you to come back to retrieve your tree prepped by us for you.

Phone 518.733-5868 during business hours for reservations.

We ask you to please pre-plan how to secure your tree to your vehicle yourself without our assistance, per distancing protocols.

More Helpful  “Grab & Go” Items
Also easy to pre-order & pickup

Come see, or phone 518.733-5868 during business hours to pre-order.

Wreaths – plain or decorated classics

Fresh, fragrant and another traditional, easy way to deck your halls.

Zema’s Nursery & Garden Center Gift Certificates

These make great gifts for any gardener on your list!

Zema's Nursery Shop and shrub display

   To Pre-Order Pre-Cut Trees, Wreaths & Gift Certificates

Call Zema’s Nursery during business hours at 518-733-5868

November 27 – December 19

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

OPEN 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Saturday & Sunday

OPEN 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday OPEN 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesdays CLOSED
Saturday & Sunday OPEN 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

CLOSED Thanksgiving Day

CLOSED Sunday, December 20 thru April 16 ~ Available by appointment

Enjoy this holiday season as you can, and with it –  the crisp colors, refreshing pine smell and the handsome good looks of our traditional, well-groomed, fresh cut Christmas trees!

       From our families to yours ~ Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. And stay safe!